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We design and develop websites, eCommerce stores, provide CRM integration, and  a dedicated Project Manager for project portfolio leadership using a cloud based interactive status dashboard in JIRA accessible to you 24/7.


Our development team are seasoned professionals with decades of agency experience developing lean websites and ecommerce stores.  We specialize in migrating traditional websites and eCommerce stores to Wordpress and WooCommerce, and older CRM (UNIX) platforms to cloud based CRMS. We have successfully migrated many inefficient CRMs to cloud based Salesforce and NetSuite applications and built integration points to eCommerce and CMS website.


Our 360 degrees of design, management and integration will maximize your profits and benefits, reduce stress and demand on your company’s resources, and focus you on the right projects that are in line with your company’s strategic goals. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to better connect with your customers through more channels and more frequency and keep your operation lean, flat and open to new technology integrations


Our mission is to serve and provide our customers with a “value-driven” approach to leadership and software development that focuses more on:

  • Cost and schedule than features
  • Increased profits and benefits
  • Reduced stress & demand on your resources

We build out all sizes of CMS websites in three to six months with CRM integration of up to 10,000 customers.




Our value  is a direct quote from the Agile Manifesto and it defines our lean processes and how we apply that Agile methodology to every facet of your project:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Swift response to change over following a plan





Our commitment to you is a 100% satisfaction guarantee that we will implement, execute and deliver your project on schedule and within budget. And we will coach, mentor and train your team members and division managers to guarantee continued excellence, high profits, reduced stress and benefits as well as:

  • Build a solid foundation of projects aligned with your strategic goals.
  • Identify solutions to improve your processes and the way you develop, integrate & migrate software.
  • Get your operations lean, flat, open and more competitive.
  • Minimize your time, resources and budget


Project Agile Studio provides website design and ecommerce development, marketing campaigns, video integration, and CRM integration.


Project Agile Studio


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